Our Story

The ISle of Man YOuth Motor Project

Our Story

The aim of the Isle of Man Youth Motor Project is to provide diversionary activities to nurture, motivate and educate vulnerable and disenfranchised young people on the Isle of Man. It offers new experiences for all young people and helps them respect and integrate positively with the local community.

The Project was established in 1997, and began using a converted van, regularly meeting young people in the main towns and youth clubs on the Island. The Isle of Man Government Department of Education, Sport & Culture granted the Project use of premises on the Glen Willow site in Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, where it remained for many years before moving to its present workshop in Hills Meadow, Douglas in 2014.

There are two staff members.

Day to day activities are led by Project Manager Mr Peter Hodgson BSc(hons), MBPsS, ALCM ー a Psychology graduate, chartered psychologist and Associate of the London College of Music. Peter has 10 years active experience in the Justice sector, and 25 years experience as a full-time Youth Worker, (Charity Manager and Charity Treasurer.)

He is assisted by Mike Buttimore, City & Guilds Motor Vehicle Engineering. Mike has 20 years experience as part-time youth worker and Charity Chairperson.

The staff work with young and vulnerable people at our workshop on-site, and off-site at High schools, always expanding and evolving our work with young people and the community. Trips off Island are arranged from time to time, such as excursions to the UK for Motocross events. In conjunction with the Manx charity The Friends of the Cambodian Children’s Refuge Centre, trips are arranged trips to the Far East. Such trips are fully escorted and carefully risk-assessed in accordance with our SafeGuarding Policy.

The Friends of the Cambodian Children’s Refuge Centre is just one of many charities with whom we work closely. The Isle of ManYouth Motor Project is a best practice example of inter-agency working for the benefit of individuals and the local community.

The Project receives financial support from the Isle of Man Government Department of Education, Sport & Culture (Youth Service)

Bespoke grants and historical support has been provided by the Isle of Man Government Departments for Enterprise, Social Services, Home Affairs, and Infrastructure; the Manx Lottery Trust; the Gough Ritchie Charitable Trust; and Tesco Community Grants (Groundwork Charity).

Since it began, more than 700 young people have attended at least one of the project’s programmes, and many have benefited from their involvement.