More than 700 young people have attended at least one of the Project’s programmes since inception in 1997, and there have been multiple individual successes. The Isle of Man Youth Motor Project leavers have gone on to gain employment in a broad variety of fields. Ex-students are now employed as…

  • Professional Sportspersons in Motorsport
  • Professional Motorsport Team Mechanics
  • Local Engineers, Tyre Factors and Builders
  • Administrators, Hospitality Workers, Delivery Drivers and even one Animal Keeper
  • Architects and Software Developers
  • Charity Workers
  • Emergency Service Workers (Police, Fire and Medical)
  • British (and other) Armed Forces: Army and Navy

Ex-students have gone on to higher education too, completing University and College engineering-based and music courses.

After discovering or harnessing their passion for vehicles and motorsport, many ex-students have gone on to excel in that field. Our ex-students have won:

  • World & European Championships in Motorcycling
  • The Manx Grand Prix
  • National Car Rallies
  • International Motorsport Competitions

We have received much positive feedback from many teachers, social workers, police, probation workers and parents relating to the results of our work with young people.

But don’t just take it from us…

David Gurney *

“Good lads set me in good direction to where I am now. Would recommend to anyone.”

Tracy Maria Todd *

“The guys do a fab job too. My son loves it”

Diarmuid Mac R *

“Well done to the organisers. I wish I had something like that when I was in school!”

*Quotes found via Facebook